Kathmandu, Nepal

Pastor Krishna and his wife, Pabitra have a passion to reach out and help the desperately needy in their impoverished country. Through two orphanages and a scholarship program, 45 children are receiving care and education, equipping them to be reliable, resourceful and productive citizens. There are also 8 outreaches throughout Nepal and 16 house groups linked to Pastor Krishna’s program. There are many regions in Nepal in which transportation is unknown and people are used to walking barefoot 3-10 days from one village to another. Living conditions in Nepal are also very difficult due to devastating poverty. There is gross pollution in Kathmandu and a lack of water and proper sanitation. There are power cuts each day, some lasting up to 10 hours, making daily life in the city very tedious.

In the remote, poverty stricken areas of the Himalayas, the small house groups are becoming vibrant centers meeting the social, physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of needy people. Pastor Krishna has an ardent desire to reach out to try to assist the most remote areas of Nepal, often only accessible by foot.

New Dawn has intervened 5 times, on the ground in Nepal since 2009. The work has been focused on assisting Pastor Krishna and his team in several areas of their extensive work in reaching out to the poor. Help has been given to assist the pioneering of a small training school assisting impoverished adults mainly from very remote areas, many of which have had very little opportunity of any schooling.  Included within the program are much needed teachings on gender equality, hygiene, and how to break free from the oppressive caste system (today, technically abolished but still observed throughout Nepal.)  

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"Little Feet" Children's Home 2013

During Jennie Waterman’s trip to Nepal 2012, the seeds for this new home were sown in several different ways and with the participation of Pastor Krishna Pariyar, in Kathmandu, the “Little Feet Children’s Home” was founded in February 2013.

With the help of funds specifically raised, New Dawn Association was able to  provide the basic necessities for the new home. Initially 3 children were taken in from impoverished remote areas of Nepal and now, in August 2014 there are 9 young children in the home. This small home is truly dramatically changing the lives of the 9 small children, some of whom would have most likely been engulfed in the huge “reseau” of clandestine child trafficking, (child slavery and prostitution) which exists between Nepal and India.

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The poverty in this country is truly shocking and the needs overwhelming both in the densely populated Kathmandu valley and the remote areas. We want to thank everyone who has helped or is still helping to regularly support this new home and the other ongoing work in Nepal.

In 2015, following the two tragic earthquakes, all the children were moved permanently into Pastor Krishna's home. New Dawn has been able to assist in the funding of the expansion of one more room onto this building to help house all the children.

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