YOU CAN HELP – by sponsoring a program or child.

Extract from a “newsletter” written by Jasmin Steenhagen, a volunteer, who worked on the “Arise and Shine” project in 2009 – “This week has been pretty busy and has gone very fast! On Saturday the children from the local community all came in (there must have been at least 90 of them!). We started by telling them some stories and I told them about England, about all of you and about our lives. Then I told them about how, as a child, I had always wanted to come somewhere like this and work with children like them and now here I was, and went on to tell them they could be anything they wanted to be in life, getting them to tell me what they wanted to do – many of them shouted doctor, teacher etc. and I got them shouting, “Yes I can!” The reality is though, sadly, that without help, the majority will not be able to afford High School – but still I really do believe if they are empowered enough, and they maintain these aims, they will be able to find a way to get where they want to go someday.”

Some people desire to become more personally involved with some aspect of the work of New Dawn Association. One of the ways this is possible is by choosing to sponsor, on a monthly basis, a child, in one of the programs.

If you are interested please click on Child Sponsorship

“With a little so much can be done.”