Child Sponsoring Guidelines

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The following guidelines apply to child sponsoring in both the Kenyan and Nepalese projects.

For many years people have asked us if they could sponsor a child within New Dawn’s program. We have been hesitant about putting a child sponsorship program in place because we have always wanted to avoid any element of favouritism amongst the children in the orphanage. All of them have already suffered some form of rejection and they still carry the marks of these wounds.

However, over the years we have shared many in-depth discussions with Nancy and Jonas on the positive and negative issues related to setting up a “sponsorship program”. After much careful thought, during the year of 2011, we all made the decision to make a sponsorship program available. However, the following points detail the specific boundaries and guidelines we have felt it essential to establish in order to protect both the children and sponsors as much as possible.

Reasons for choosing to sponsor a child

-It is a way of becoming more intimately connected to the project’s work. A sponsor will receive regular updated and information about the child.
-It is a way to personally encourage a child (through written correspondence) and to expand his/her vision of the outside world.
-It can be a way of creating a dynamic and educational link between children in different countries. (Again, through regular correspondence.) For example, a school class could decide as a group, to sponsor a child. The interaction between sponsor and child can be as rewarding to the sponsor as it is to the child.
-It is a way of donating a monthly sum of money to help cover the cost of a child’s living expenses.
-It is a way of helping to bring a certain financial security to New Dawn Association allowing us to plan ahead and meet many of the other ongoing needs within the project.

Monthly sponsorship donations

-The sponsor (this can be an individual, a group of people, or a school class for example) is asked to decide on the monthly sum of money he/she/group wants to contribute to the child’s up keep and to put in place a bank to bank transfer to one of the appropriate New Dawn accounts. (All New Dawn Association bank details are included on the Sponsorship form which you can down load at the bottom of this document.) We want to underline that no monthly sum of money is too small. Every donation is most gratefully accepted. The only thing we ask of you is to commit to giving on a monthly basis.

We do not expect people to pay the totality of a child’s monthly upkeep and the monthly sum donated is regarded as a participation towards that child’s needs.

For your interest here are some details concerning the costs involved in bringing up these children. It is quite difficult to exactly stipulate the total monthly cost of a child’s upkeep as it depends on the child’s age, where he/she is at in the education system and several other periphery considerations.

As a base figure we say 50 Euros covers a child’s monthly upkeep, embracing the cost of food, small necessities, clothing, mattress and mosquito net, medicine and other costs such as the project’s staff wages, project car costs, project maintenance, and electricity/water etc.

In addition Primary education costs 10 Euros per month, per child.

(To have more information concerning the children and the education costs, please consult the web-site.)

Communicating with your child.

Initially you will receive some general information concerning the child chosen for you to sponsor.

The best way to communicate with your child is via e-mail. English is the official language used in the Kenyan schools and in from1 the children begin to learn to read and write in English. (Letters in French will be translated by us before forwarding them, unless your child is learning French in High school.)

It is necessary for reasons of security that all e-mails are first sent to us and we will forward them, on your behalf to the project leaders who will distribute them to the children. We have been doing work in Africa for 10 years and we have learnt the importance of not disclosing e-mail/contact addresses unless absolutely necessary, (to avoid any possible misuse and abuse.) It is possible to hand-write letters but again, please send them to us and we will forward them accordingly. Correspondence from your child will be handled in the same way and we will send all letters back to you. You will also receive the school reports and assessments of your child throughout the year.

Thank you for your comprehension concerning these matters.

Child correspondence mailing address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jennie and Don Waterman,
New Dawn Sponsorship Office,
118, Rue des Bleuets,
46130 Estal,

Birthdays and Christmas

In order to avoid any element of favouritism and rejection, no personal birthday or Christmas gifts can be allowed, however the orphanage hosts a Christmas day celebration party, with gifts for the children and similarly also one day in the year on which all the children’s birthdays are celebrated. Any special money-gift to the “Birthday” or “Christmas day” funds or an appropriate gift to the group of children is always very much appreciated. (Two years ago a colour television with DVD was donated to the children at Christmas.)  Please address any queries about these things to the above cited New Dawn Sponsorship Office: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


All visitors are warmly welcomed to the project. Over the years, several volunteers and visitors have spent valuable time with the children and other members of the community.

For obvious reasons of security and also again to eliminate any element of favouritism/ rejection, no sponsor is permitted to visit alone with their child outside the parameters of the orphanage. However, any group activities or children’s group outings organised and funded by visiting sponsors (accompanied also by appropriate project-staff members) are enthusiastically encouraged. Visits to the animal parks, museums, boat excursions on the lake and picnics have all been happy outings for the children in the past.

It needs to be understood that on rare occasions a child may leave the orphanage to go back to live with an existing relative in their village. The sponsor of this child will be informed and given the possibility of choosing to continue their sponsorship by supporting another child within the program.

If for some reason a sponsor wishes to no longer sponsor a child, please inform the above cited New Dawn Sponsorship Office.

You can download your sponsorship form by clicking here

You can download the sponsorship guidelines by clicking here

Procedure: Please complete the sponsorship form and send it to :

Jennie and Don Waterman,
New Dawn Sponsorship Office,
118, Rue des Bleuets,
46130 Estal,

: Please put in place a monthly bank to bank order to the appropriate New Dawn Bank account listed on the enclosed sponsorship form.
: We will then send you the details of your child.

Thank you so much for caring.