We encourage visitors and volunteers to visit all the projects that New Dawn Association is involved in. (Volunteers interested in visiting any project, for more information, please contact -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)

Volunteers are welcome to share their skills, ideas and experience with the orphan children and local community. This is an excellent and mutually enriching way of interacting with the project and community. Volunteers are also encouraged to come with a particular project/goal that they would like to achieve, together with adequate finances for materials etc to complete it.

For example:

• Art and craft classes
• Drama workshops and story telling
• Music/Dance workshops
• Carpentry, masonry, painting, bricolage
• DIY on the orphanage site and within the
• Teaching to orphans and local widows, nutrition,
hygiene, Bible studies etc

A project/goal may also to be to bring funds to pay for:

• A children's outing.
• A medical camp.
• A child's annual high school fee.

All Volunteers are expected to cover their own travelling and accommodation costs. Anyone interested in visiting or doing some volunteer work on this project, please contact Jennie and Don Waterman by email (click on "Contacts")

“Now that I can look back on my stay I can say that this is something I’ll never live again, and it changed everything for me. It was totally unexpected…..I saw real misery, misfortune. I saw how it was to be so poor, to live in the dirt….. Now I can just tell how, to go there, to meet Nancy and Angeline, and the women and children, changed my life. I feel good. I feel confident, full of hope. I want to give love, to teach people how they can trust in themselves instead of remaining in their narrow world. I’m so thankful. I want to go on helping these poor people, to make people sensitive to their situation." French volunteer Julie Dreyer, stayed at the orphanage for 3 months in 2009

There are other ways by which you can help

New Dawn Association is open to all ideas and suggestions and here are some ideas.....

• By general donations to support New Dawn Association. (Please click on "Donations".)
By sponsoring a child in Kenya, Rwanda or Nepal (Please click on "Sponsorship".)
By holding your own fundraising event on behalf of New Dawn Association.

Many years ago, in a tiny, dusty grocery store in a remote part of Kenya we read the following words, hand written on a scrappy piece of paper, pinned to the wall behind the counter,

"There are 3 types of people...
Few who make things happen,
Many who watch them happen
Millions who have no idea of what is happening."

Since the creation of New Dawn Association, we have witnessed time and time again how one tiny action can radically change the course of someone's life. One of our aims is to try to communicate to others the desire to become someone who "makes something happen". We have learnt through the years that "with a little so much can be done".