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The history of NDA’s involvement with the King’s House Orphanage home in Molo

Since 2011, in various ways, New Dawn Association has been supporting The King’s House Orphanage Home in Molo,(established by Pastor Paul Kingori and his wife Eunice). At that time, the King’s House orphanage, established to help orphans and vulnerable children, had 21 children (19 girls and 2 boys), between the ages of 6 and 17 years. Further visits to Molo, took place in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Jennie and Don Waterman with Paul, Eunice and some of the children 2015

During our 2014 visit we were delighted to see the orphanage re-sited on the hills overlooking Molo. This building project had taken 3 years. The day of our visit was very special because we were able to witness the drilling of a water borehole by a UK charity. As the drill hit the water level, we had the joy of seeing a fountain of fresh water gush forth. They now have a supply of fresh water for the orphanage and crops, and also for sale in the local community. We also witnessed the arrival of three new children proudly wearing their first school uniforms, supplied by NDA.

During our February 2015 visit NDA settled the orphanage’s considerable outstanding grocery bill at the local shop. Some extra treats were bought with specially donated monies and we had a delightful time visiting all the children and discovering the dramatic difference that the new water bore hole was having within the project and local community. Pastor Paul and his wife, Eunice, were working very hard to make their project self-financing. Already they had milk from their goats, some eggs and chicken meat, and they were growing a wide variety of crops including maize and peas, even starting to grow strawberries. However, the egg production had fallen below an economical level and they had to cull all the birds. They were seeking money to start again and re-stock with better breeds, and improve the building where the hens would be housed.

On our return home, at our next Board meeting, NDA decided to send funds to finance a new empowerment program, whereby Paul could attend a poultry training course in Nairobi. Also funds were supplied to upgrade the facilities and to buy and rear 150 young chicks together with their feeding program, in order to start an egg-laying project. Once the hens were laying, this would bring in extra funds to support the children.

2016 Molo up-date

We are pleased to say that having overcome several challenges, the poultry program is now producing eggs and already returning a profit.

New Dawn has also been able to provide extra funds (700 Euros) for the setting up of an education fund for 2016, to assist Pastor Paul in paying for some of the children’s educational costs.

Through this program, this year, we are continuing to support three girls at the orphanage, Mary, Monica and Ruth, who have successfully passed out from their Primary School education. Mary and Monica are now attending the more costly High School. Ruth is learning dress-making.

Monica and Mary in their new school uniform

2017 Molo up-date

Paul still persists with his goal to become self financing.  He recounted, “We still have a problem with the ants. Last time they invaded the chicken house and killed four chickens that were almost mature for sale. We then had to move the chickens to the dining room. Fortunately the children had not come back yet from their holidays!” Paul reported “This year we did some gardening and were able to harvest 18 bags of dry, shelled maize which lasted for the whole year. Maize is Kenyan staple food. Without it we normally find it difficult to feed the children. We also grew vegetables for the children.”

The water project funded in 2014 by a UK Charity has been a successful one. They have been making about 350 pounds (Sterling) a month, after paying electricity bills. These funds are a great help enabling them to cover some of the food costs and other purchases for the orphanage.

Because of scandals involving human trafficking, the government of Kenya has restricted admission of new cases of children to orphanages. There are many children in need in the community but it’s difficult to admit them now.

2018 Molo up-date

At present, at the orphanage, there are 13 girls (in Primary school), and two girls, Monica and Mary, who are in Secondary school. We are still following up Pastor Paul’s ambition to become self sufficient. Since Paul is also receiving funds from other donors, New Dawn Association assists them by funding various special projects. At the beginning of 2018, we were able to finance a festive day’s outing for all the children and staff. Mini busses were hired, a picnic was prepared (chapattis, meat, cabbages/carrots), and they all drove down to Lake Nakaru National Park. The children were very excited as they were able to see different kinds of animals, including gazzelles, warthogs and flamingos!

2019 Molo up-date

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Paul and Eunice in France this autumn, during their exceptional visit to Europe. Always focussing on sustainability, they enthusiastically shared about their newest endeavour of cow-keeping to produce and sell milk products. A donation was allocated to provide for another children’s outing.

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